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Eduardo Blanco, born in León, Spain, in 1974, is an artist who blends the energy of his childhood with the inspiration of his adult life. After exploring various cities in France and Spain in his youth, he settled in Mallorca in 2013.

From an early age, he showed a fervent interest in painting, forging his path as a self-taught artist. Despite graduating in Tourism, at the age of 25, he decided to reignite his passion for painting and fully immerse himself in the world of art.

His style reflects a unique synthesis of contemporary realism, exploring watercolor and oil.


He has exhibited in prestigious locations such as New York, Venice, Brussels, Malaga, Barcelona, Madrid, and Palma, collaborating with physical and virtual galleries in cities like Barcelona, Malaga, Madrid, and London.


His work graces national and international private collections. He recently exhibited in Times Square, New York, during November and December 2023, highlighting his growing global recognition.


He was commissioned by Banco Santander Baleares to portray Rafa Nadal, marking a pinnacle in his career.


Eduardo Blanco embodies the spirit of the contemporary artist, inspiring and captivating diverse audiences worldwide.

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Oil Paintings of Eduardo Blanco

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Watercolours of Eduardo Blanco

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